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Autism Coaching Academy mission is to educate coaches who want to specialize in Autism, and become a Go-To Experts for their community.

Our Academy

Training and support for coaches who want to become a Go-To Experts for their community and where they can make a positive impact on families in need of a support for Autism.


We will give you confidence to work with families and people on Autism Spectrum. You will get credibility so you can distinguish yourself from competition.


Q&A and group support so you can continue growing your knowledge and expertise.

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Your Coach
Karolina LaBrecque, PhD.

Karolina LaBrecque is an educator, therapist, author and public speaker. In her 15 years of work with different disabilities she has chosen autism as her main focus. Coaching and therapeutic horseback riding are her two main of helping others. She also shares her knowledge through teaching at various colleges and public speaking engagements.